What He’s Thinking When He Ignores You | Relationship Advice For Women By Mat Boggs

Mat Boggs shares relationship advice for women about what to do when a guy starts ignoring you, so you can stay empowered, confident, and love abundant!



  1. Thank you for your advices. my mind í blow out because i understand too much now. i stop calling, texting him anymore. he even send the video of him and new girl to me! I understand the faul is not from my acting. just because i did not understand what his ignore before.

  2. If somebody ignores me, I delete it from WhatsApp and the stories of social media. Then I continue with my life, guys like this doesn't worth my beatifull time and energy. Fuck that shit, screw him.

  3. Yeah but you're not talking about why people are stressing over being rejected in the first place. Its more often than not because they feel they have a lack of options. Maybe they've been single for a while and finally feel ready to get back out there, so they have lost that confidence, or its the first person in a long time to show them any positive attention and forgot how to pace themselves. Either way you're feeling desperate is what's going on, and you've skipped over that fundamental problem.

    To fix that, tell people to instead put themselves in low risk situations where they get to interact with people on a regular basis on a personal level. Then you gradually as you're comfort level increases, you may not even realise it your self, you find it easier to develop those connections as a skill, where you don't have to wonder why those other people blew you off, then its because you're in an emotionally stable and secure place where you don't care.

  4. He’s not thinking of you…..he’s with another bird

    If he tries to ghost….. You should go and just carry on with your life

    If he has no manners now, imagine what an arsehole he would be in a relationship

    You need a grown sophisticated man for that and not a boy

  5. Once Ive gotten enough at peace with myself and comfortable enough to admit all of this to myself it was a lot easier dealing with the situation. However, the rational mind does not always rule over our hasty irrational desires and ego. 🙂 Therefore I found doing things that boost my confidence in these times very important. I would do things that I am very good at, that are not necessarily work-related like dancing, cooking, hitting the gym or writing (or whatever it might be for you) to make me feel better immediately. Also, deff putting my phone on flight mode once I was home, so I could feel like I have more control over the situation.

  6. I will ditch a girl if they are into the current crop of SNL flunkies – or any Fem Rom Com.
    I broke up with a girl because of the Titanic – I still have not seen that movie – I have no desire to watch a farce charade of pandered romance where the main character dies and it is labeled 'romantic' F- that shit.

  7. Question for you Matt: I have found a guy who IS investing in me, wanting to spend time with me, organizing dates, going out of his way for me in many ways. I like his sense of humor, and he is open and honest and we have chemistry. All that makes him attractive, though he is not super handsome. BUT, our lifestyles clash. He is interested in bars, beer and movies at home; I am interested in nature walks, organic food and art. What should I do??? I know I won't change him. Should I hold out for another guy with more similar lifestyle?

  8. Strategies I implement to maintain a level of peace: tend to my own interests: I take music lessons, go to the gym, go out to events and movies. Also started to meditate a year ago. Really helps me stay positive most days!

  9. Great advice! As mentioned by Dr. Janes Dobson, “don’t squeeze the bird”. Hold the bird loosely. A good relationship allows for some freedom because your well-being and identity is not wrapped up in it. If you squeeze the bird in desperation you will suffocate the bird. I should add that my relationship to my husband was so easy compared to past relationships. He is super mature, too, which has helped so much. And I didn’t squeeze the bird and become desperate!


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