Travel Tips – 25 Amazing Hacks For The Stylish & Organized Traveler


Some of the travel tips you read online are BS.

‘Mark your luggage as fragile so the airlines will treat it better’?

I talked to a guy who worked in an airport. He and his colleagues NEVER read luggage labels. Too busy. The only things they handle with care are pets and musical instruments.

Want a massive list of awesome travel tips that DO work? I travel all the time… I use these to stay ready for anything, anywhere.

Whether you’re a road warrior, flying on an airplane, or staying in a hotel, you’re going to love these.

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Before You Travel

Travel Tips #1: Dress Well

I’m not going to say you need to wear a suit – and I’m not going to say that this will get you upgraded to first class – but I will say this:

When you dress respectably, you will be treated with more respect.

You interact with a lot of people when you’re traveling – when you go to grab a coffee, when you’re in line to get on the airplane, when you arrive at the hotel – and if each of them treats you with respect you’re going to have a much better journey.

If you don’t want to wear a suit but you still want to look sharp, focus on the style pyramid – fit, fabric, function.

Everything you put on your body needs to fit you – you can get your casual clothing adjusted by a tailor, but it’s better to find clothing that already fits you right off the rack.

Go with fabrics that don’t look worn. In general I like darker colors when traveling because they don’t show the dirt – but a brighter color up near the neck will help draw attention to your face and eyes, which is what you want when you’re communicating with people.

scottevest travel tips

This dark blue hoodie solves both problems. And the problem of where to put everything. Click here to get it from SCOTTeVEST.

Finally, function – make sure that your clothing fits its function, in this case, travel. So skip anything uncomfortable or easily crumpled. If you’re dressing casual you can wear a piece of masculine jewelry to set yourself apart.


#2: Know Your Regulations

You might see travel tips saying there are cheats for the security regulations – if you freeze a bottle of water, it’ll still get through, and that kind of thing. But is it that hard to just take an empty bottle and then fill it up when you’re on the other side?

My thinking is: it takes less effort to simply know and follow the regulations than to try to cheat them.

The restrictions change all the time and they’re getting tighter. It’s definitely frustrating. But that’s why it’s so important to read up before you fly.


#3: Wear Your Bulkiest Clothing

This is one of my top travel tips when you’re flying. It pays to free up space in your luggage and save on weight. It also gives you options when you’re traveling from that incredibly hot terminal to that incredibly freezing airplane.

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#4: Wear Slip-On Shoes

Shoes have a lot of weight and they can be very bulky. Slip-ons make going through security faster and easier, but if you can find a shoe that easy to take off and put back on again AND goes with all your outfits, you’ll save the trouble of packing a pair.

Double monk straps, loafers, and Chelsea boots are all great choices.


#5: Double Check for Hidden Fees

Policies can vary a lot from airline to airline. I was over in Ukraine recently and found out I needed to check in with the airline two hours before, not at the airport like most US airlines.

When I checked in at the airport they said I’d missed the deadline and would have to pay an extra $30.

What can you do? You’ve gotta pay to get on the airplane. But it’s a situation where an assumption cost me money.


#6: Copy Your IDs

Take pictures of your passport and driver’s license and email them to yourself. If you lose your ID or get your wallet stolen you’re at least going to have a copy of your identification that can help you get through security.


Packing Hacks

#7: Pack Light

You’ll see hacks and travel tips out there about rolling clothing, and I think that’s effective for certain pieces, but jackets and other structured items need to be folded correctly.

Packing expands to fit the space available.

You’re probably going to fill any bag that you take, so take a smaller bag rather than taking a big bag and putting in optional items.


#8: Pack An Interchangeable Suitcase

Just like your wardrobe should be interchangeable, your travel wardrobe should be too. Every shirt, every jacket, every pair of trousers, every pair of shoes should work with every other item you’re going to take.

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This is why I like neutral-colored jackets. Click here to get the Revolution Plus from SCOTTeVEST.


#9: Save Space On Athletic Gear

Don’t leave all your athletic gear at home – just compromise. I don’t take extra socks, I just use the socks that I’ll be wearing normally. I don’t take swim trunks, I use my running shorts. I don’t take gym shoes, I use my running shoes. You can also lift barefoot or in your socks if the gym allows it.


#10: Always Take A First Aid Kit

One of the most important travel tips is to take a first aid kit. You never know when you’re going to get sick, or cut yourself and have to stop the bleeding.


#11: Have A Calling Card

I think every traveler should have a calling card with your name, your email, and possibly your address. Tape those cards to the outside of your luggage, and put them in your luggage too. That way, if you meet an amazing person and you don’t have time to exchange information, you can give them a card and make a contact right there.


#12: Have Backup ID And Credit Cards

This is one of those travel tips I’ve learned the hard way. When I travel I take two forms of ID and three credit cards.

The two forms of ID are my driver’s license and my passport. The credit cards are all different types: an American Express, a visa, and a MasterCard. Not everywhere takes American Express, so this way I have backup.


#13: Call Your Credit Card Companies

If you’re traveling out of state or out of the country, call your credit card companies and let them know that you’ll be using these cards in those locations. Otherwise, they may assume you’ve been robbed and freeze your cards.

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Click here to protect your credit card and passport from hackers with the RFID Travel Vest.


#14: No Dirty Money

When it comes to cash I always make sure I’ve got crisp clean bills that are new. In some countries they won’t exchange a hundred dollar bill if it’s got a tear or a mark on it or if it’s an older issue.


Travel Tips At The Hotel

#15: Clear Out The Clutter

When I check into a hotel room I clear out all the magazines and brochures and put them in a drawer out of the way. I want a clean space so I can find my stuff and get my work done without distractions.


#16: Ask For Extras Early

Once I’m checked in and settled into my room I call the service desk and ask for extras. I want an extra blanket because I sleep with the temperature low and I’d like to be toasty when I’m in bed. I ask for extra hangers because I’ve got a lot of jackets and nice shirts.

If you get extras sent up to you early, there is almost no demand.

If you start asking for these at bedtime when everyone else is asking for them, you’re going to get whatever is left, and sometimes it’s going to take an hour for the staff to actually get you anything.


#17: Iron Everything

When I check into my room I unpack all my luggage and I immediately iron all of my shirts. That way everything is set for the week. But make sure the iron you get in the hotel isn’t going to damage your clothing – look at the baseplate and make sure there are no stains or dirt on it. If need be, ask for another iron.


That’s it, gentlemen – don’t forget to go check out the travel wear at SCOTTeVEST. I bought one of their RFID Travel vests for myself years ago because I loved the functionality, so I’m really excited to introduce them as a sponsor.

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