Top 9 OnePlus 6 Tips & Tricks: Best Hidden Features


OnePlus 6 Android smartphone is here and boy it packs in a lot of features. And here are some neat tips and tricks that you can use to enhance your experience. From notch to shortcuts we have included all nifty hacks to help you get the best out of this smartphone, the Guiding Tech way.

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  1. This is a wonderful phone. But many of these features like glance, double tap to wake were in Windows phones ages ago. Also parallel apps and double volte worked in my Nubia z11mini s and that phone is over a year old. So this phone gathers all my favorite parts of those two phones and puts them in one. Love op6

  2. Bhai chutiyapa band karo..yeh sab koi hidden nhi hai sabko sab pata hai jo 1+6 use kar raha hai…..bas views lene hai yo content kuch bhi likh do ..kuch acha creative bano .to growth bhi hoga…

  3. Hi, I am using 1+6, facing a problem while calling, specially in whatsapp. when i call or receive call the screen shuts down and cant on it by pressing any where or finger unlock, it will down until my caller or receiver disconnects the call. can you help out whether its setting problem or fault with my set.

  4. Can't understand how you can face unlock the device just watching it. I need to activate the display via power button or by double tapping the screen (if gesture activated). Any idea?

  5. Please let us know about its build quality & are thr any heating issues while charging or sudden battery drainage while heavy use in zenfone 5z?
    Also, whr do you think asus has cut the cost in order to make this cheaper than op6?

  6. One hidden feature according to him is that oneplus 6 has notch. Wow.. I didnt even know when I opened my op6.. I had to see his video to know that it actually has a notch, thanks for making me notice it


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