The Best Places to Buy Sweaters


The best places to buy sweaters - our favorite stores to find the best sweaters on a budget

If I were to sum up my winter attire in one word, it would be sweaters. I can layer them under different jackets, wear them as dresses, pair them over jumpsuits, wear them over button-down shirts, rock them with leggings, the list goes on. 

I probably don’t need to tout the amazingness of sweaters to you. Sweaters are for sure a staple item in every girl’s wardrobe. As we head towards the coldest time of the year, get ready for sweater weather by checking out these stores for the best options: 

1. Uniqlo 

Everyone should have their own trustworthy, basic collection of sweaters. Uniqlo is one of the best places to start building out your sweater wardrobe. Not only are their basic sweaters made of high quality materials, their prices are crazy affordable as well. 

2. Urban Outfitters

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Are you looking for sweaters that are cozy and fuzzy, and also double as a portable blanket for those extra chilly days? Urban Outfitters is the answer for you. UO has well-designed and bold sweaters that have a slight bohemian hipster vibe but could work with any style.

3. Zara

Zara is a master in incorporating various textures, colors and patterns in their designs. Not for the timid or basic, their sweaters are trendy and fashion-forward. If you hit up Zara, you’re bound to find different eye-catching styles that will add *spice* to your wardrobe.

4. Aritzia

Aritzia is the store to visit if you want a sweater you can wear from class to the office in a flash. Their sweaters are a little bit on the pricey side, but they’re worth every penny you’re investing. Their styles are timeless and classic, and will easily become your go-tos for every outfit. 

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