Success Secret – How To Win Big By Investing In Other People


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My #1 professional success secret?

Invest in other people.

You’ve heard the saying…

‘You become the average of the people you surround yourself with’.

I surround myself with AMAZING people.

People are always asking me how I do this. I’ll tell you – it’s because I give myself to them. Who doesn’t want to be around somebody who’s looking out for them and has their best interests first? If you’re always looking out for and investing in others you’re going to find that successful people want to be around you.

So how exactly do you invest in other people? Read on for my top 5 tips…


Click Here To Watch The Video – #1 Success Secret

Click Here To Watch The Video – How To Invest In People


man-in-white-shirt-eating-salad#1. Never Take More Than You Give

You might say, ‘Antonio, if I do that I’ll be losing out. I’ll never have much if I don’t take as much as I give. Tell me how to get MORE than I give.’

If you’re looking at it that way you don’t understand. What you give is different from what you take. Often what you take is much more valuable to you than to the giver – and what you give is more valuable to others.

Let me illustrate with an example. Imagine a group of men bringing food to a picnic. A baker brings pies. A gardener brings salads. And a ranch owner brings meat.

Each of them is bringing something they’ve got plenty of. For them the value of it isn’t that high. But each of them looks at all the OTHER items on the table and thinks, ‘Wow, I rarely ever get to eat anything like this!’ Often what you’re given is surplus for somebody else but is of high value to you.


#2. Be First To Reach Out

Be the first one to reach out – and reserve judgment if they don’t respond. So many people complain, ‘That person hasn’t called me.’ They’re supposed to call YOU? Or, ‘I reached out to them one time and I never heard back.’ Are you sure that they received it? Have you tried various forms?

I know as a busy person I sometimes miss messages. I try to respond to every email but they sometimes get caught in the spam folder. So think about it – have you followed up multiple times, have you actually tried multiple ways to reach that person? Have you gone the path of least resistance – which is often meeting them in person?

That brings us to the next success secret:


#3. Make Time For People

I value it when people make time for me. I was just in California and a guy drove three hours to meet me and talk about an idea. This guy is running a multi-million dollar company. He showed me how important I am by bringing himself and actually his film crew to see me. We filmed a quick video and it worked out great. He showed me that I am worth it.

I have done this to people. Just this last year I flew over to England where my friend Chris Ducker was running the Youpreneur Summit. I could have gotten a free ticket – he’s a friend of mine, I could have asked for a favor – but I didn’t. I paid for everything because I wanted to show him that he matters to me.


Guess what? It has paid off in spades. This year I’m speaking at the Youpreneur Summit over in London, England. It’s going to be November 3-5 again this year.


how greet people well nail first impression#4 Success Secret – Be Present

So many people aren’t listening when you’re speaking with them. They’re waiting for their chance to speak. Don’t be that guy – actually listen not only to what the person is saying but to what they’re not saying. Be able to ask insightful questions.

It’s not about what you say. It’s not about impressing them with all your information. It’s about how you make this person feel. Remember – reserve judgment, listen intently, and ask insightful questions.


#5. Make People Feel Good About Themselves

I’m not talking about false flattery. I’m not talking about making stuff up and BS-ing them. No – I’m talking about identifying where there is good and pointing it. Because let’s face it – most of us deal with negativity all day. Most of the time we identify the problems – we don’t see all the good. Try to be that beacon of light.


What is the Youpreneur Summit? It’s for people who are taking a lead and building themselves up as a brand. If you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re a speaker, if you’re trying to start a business, if you’ve had a business for 30 years and you want to be known as a thought leader in your space – this is the event for you. I’d love to meet you in person.

Other speakers include Chris Ducker, an amazing speaker who’ll be running the masterminds; Greg Hickman, who understands building up a business from nothing; and Jay Baer, the guy to talk to about getting a return on social media. Click here to grab your early bird discount to the Youpreneur Summit before it expires.

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