Samsung Galaxy J3 – Tips and Tricks | H2TechVideos

Samsung Galaxy J3 – Tips and Tricks | H2TechVideos

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  1. Hey H2TechVideos guy:) Enjoyed the video. I'm late to the game when it comes to smart phones because I never really wanted one, but my friend got me this model for my last birthday so here I am. Can you suggest an external mic to use for this phone that will works? Please let me know;) Hope all is well:)

  2. I just got this same phone from a friend but I can't get a Google search bar on my phone. I did set up account? I have Samsung account that I set up? do I need to cancel the Samsung account? I don't know what I'm doing wrong?

  3. I recently purchased the Samsung J3 Achieve and with Boost Mobile as my carrier. And I like the fact it has a removable battery upon flipping off the back cover. However, the "surprise" disappointment (which is only one) is that with ANY Phone Call Recording App I install, (and I've tried just about all of them), the "playback" when listening to the phone recording comes out all distorted,.. and that's with all the "setting adjustments" provided with each of the Caller Recording Apps. Any idea how this can be corrected??? I thought possibly that the voice recorder on the phone can somehow be used as a phone call recorder,.. but have not found any info on Youtube for that. And "Google Voice" has a "call recorder"feature that works with a Google ph. #,.. but that works only for "incoming" calls. I tried it since I have a Google ph. # that I "forward" the calls to my J3 Achieve ph. # and when I tested it to record a call,.. the "playback" STILL comes out distorted and inaudible. This has been a major disappointment for my use of the J3 Achieve. Any ideas how to resolve this problem???

  4. My favorite part is the delvepor options but your video doesn't have that (settings>about device>click android version a couple times>weird thing pops up >click again a couple times>leave>click builder number×3>delvopers options pops
    Up and done)


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