Relationship Advice Q&A πŸ’• Staying in Love & Negativity


hey! so a lot of you guys requested jimmy and i do another video together so we thought i would be fun to do a relationship advice q&a! we’ve been together for 7 years and so we thought we…



  1. 1. You two are absolutely adorable like y'all are my otp
    2. When you were talking about how love isn't enough it reminded me of something my parents told me a while ago. They said that after a while, a relationship isn't based on love, it's based on a couple's history together and the loyalty that comes with it

  2. i just found your channel via this vid, but it made me realize how much my boyfriend and i relate to you and jimmy! when i'm angry, i like to have time by myself and being comforted can sometimes piss me off more too, whereas my boyfriend is just like jimmy and he likes to be comforted and coddled a bit. anyway, this video is exactly what i needed to see today, so thank u !! i'm gonna go binge all of your videos now bye

  3. It may sound horrible but the best way for me and my boyfriend to not take each other granted is honestly looking at the rest of our friends and their relationship ships. We watch our friends as they hop from relationship to another relationship, and all their drama and we look at ourselves and how much we are not like that. We look at how easy it is for us to stay happy and we know a lot of other people don’t have that type of relationship. Makes me feel so fortunate to have someone who is always on my side. Also, respect is key. We NEVER raise our voices at each other. We joke and call each other assholes but we never fight and yell. When we aren’t happy without something the other person did, we vocalize it and fix it! Another part of respect is loyalty. I trust him not to talk and flirt with girls in a malicious way and he trust me not to talk to guys and flirt etc. we don’t hide our phones from each other. Trust and respect is so important.


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