“Relationship Advice” for Singles – Don’t Give Up

Inspiration Video to help you keep moving even though love seems hard to find. Let go of the past and believe in great love and a great relationship is your divine right….



  1. Is this just for women ? if so i get it all women get offers and not one will go alone if she doesnt want to, i get that but for men ? seriously never give up ? i have aspergers, ive been trying to get a date all my life ive been rej3ected by all women for over 20 years of asking, im aproaching middle age now and i still always get rejected all the time, if you tried something for over 20 years and it never worked would you continue humiliating yourself ? would you continue having your self esteem smashed ? would you continue to go out when you cant afford to just to get more humiliated and more rejections ? its so easy for a woman to say never give up, obviously its easy for a woman,, but a guy, i dont know, maybe its time for the men that cant get a woman to just try to find some peace in their life, because this fight has destroyed me, if i just gave up as a teenager and lived my life id never have been humiliated once, id be at peace with myself and although id be utterly miserable alone at least i wouldnt have to keep fighting against so much while women just sit there and get more attention in 5 mins than i do in my entire life of 39 years !

  2. But I cannot do this anymore… I cannot do this to myself again and again… Keep hoping and then get disappointed, over and over and over again… I don't want to have hope anymore…

  3. Look at the comments.
    All the coments about no giving up are written by women.

    Men are giving up. The reward for accomplishing bioligical and social expectations are not worth.

  4. Love, much like anger, is a temporary feeling. It's unrealistic and unhealthy to pursue love. Better to train the mind and spirit for order, contentment and decency.

  5. I want a relationship. I've been single for at least 10 years+ in total. I've had only two relationships and I am frustrated that every potential woman I find ends up going to another individual. I am very jealous of folks who do have a relationship because I want that happiness too. I've been struggling for too long and I am ready to give it all up just to end my misery and to stop wasting efforts on folks who just doesn't see me even being there. I just can't mentally wrestle the thoughts of having a significant other out of my mind. How do I finally just give up?

  6. If it takes me until I'm 40 years old than I won't even bother. I have 4 years until I'm 30, if I don't find someone by the end of this year then my choosing to give up today will be cemented.

  7. I gave up years ago.
    On paper I was everything that women were supposed to want, but the reality was that what they really wanted was borderline sociopathic bad boys.
    When I gave up it became easier to cope with the empty space beside me at night.
    Life is strange, though.
    When I was a teenager and then a 20-something I could almost not get a date, so I gave up on what was clearly a futile quest.
    After I turned 30 there was a 180 degree change in demonstrated female group preference. Women began to hit on me, asked me on dates and some propositioned me for sex.
    I found that I was unable to respond in a positive way. I had been left dead inside, by my experiences with women. There was nothing left for me to give. The link between interaction with women and unspeakable pain had been forged in steel.

  8. I gave up years ago. I'm happier now, because I've realized that I am much happier being single and free. Relationships made me unhappy but society told me that I was supposed to want them. Once I began to think for myself, I decided to stay single for the rest of my life, and I have never been happier with myself.


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