Q&A: Depression- Relationship Advice- Self Love


Haven’t done a Q&A! I’m here for you, love you! Thanks Best Fiends for sponsoring this video. Click here to download Best Fiends for FREE: I want…



  1. I think that you are one of the strongest and most beautiful women I have ever come across, you make me believe that I can thrive independently without the need of any man. I recently broke up with my ex and I immediately became depressed, alone and felt emptiness. I thought that I couldn't live without him but after watching your video and speaking with my mum I have realized that i was blessed to have escaped a toxic relationship which was weighing me down. I admire you Val and wish to be as happy as you are one day xo

  2. the person who asked if you’re mixed was right i know you didn’t say they were wrong but your answer kinda made it seem like that. i mean Dominicans are mixed

  3. Right now, im too depressed to know what i want. But im praying and keeping vibes for positivity, happiness, and true love. I don’t want to overthink, i don’t want to set goals, i just need to focus on staying sane and breathing. I physically, mentally, and emotionally cannot handle more than that right now. Autopilot is even a chore right now tbh.

  4. Ever since I saw this video, I've found myself coming back to it whenever I'm having a rough patch with depression. You have such a way with words & i feel like your soothing my soul !!! much love xx

  5. i really loved this video, it helped me a lot, im going through something similar , and you inspire me to be strong and heal myself! thank u! u are amazing

  6. Thank you so much Val ! 💗
    Anytime I lose myself or when I'm down I watch this video. You give me so much positive energy with your words. Thank you so much ly ! 💗

  7. This video really helped me so much because I'm on a journey to finding myself. It's super helpful and encouraging knowing you went through rough patches and now you're more than okay, you're amazing! <3


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