Love Advice | How To Build Trust in Your Relationship

Trust makes and breaks relationships, and as the most searched and written about relationship topic, it was about time I made a video about it. Here are the tips to build a strong foundation…



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  2. Thank you for all your advice an wisdom you have shared. I have been with my fience since I was 17 an I have had the same feeling that you have shared an it has helped me build a better relationship. I'm so glad I ran across you. just to hear what you have to say. it has inspired me so much.

  3. Full of great contents!!! Your contents, for me are very unique and I can tell that they are from your own experience which I really appreciate it. Thank you for sharing dear!

  4. imi place ca nu ai doar clipuri de beauty . 😙
    p.s: mi-ar plăcea sa faci clipuri de acest gen si in romana (pe un alt canal) si pe acesta in engleza ( a fost o sugestie sper sa nu te superi ) . Youtube-ul romanesc ar avea mult de castigat cu o persoana minunata ca tine . Sper sa nu renunți niciodată la youtube ma bucur ca te-am descoperit . 😙 la cat mai mulți abonați.


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