iPhone 4: Tips & Tricks


This video provides you with a few handy tips and tricks on the iPhone 4.

Please feel free to leave any comments or drop me an email.

Shot on a Sony Bloggie.



  1. Hello. I have Iphone 4 they gave it to me, then there's a cydia but it won't open then it is an ios 6.0.1 I cant download other apps it requires an ios 7 🙁 is it okay if i upgrade it to ios 7? Is it possible?

  2. i think the iPhone 4 is a perfectly acceptable smartphone. A lot of people diss it because its older, but it can still run IOS 7 and personally, the design looks better. Great video, too!

  3. i have the iphone 4 white color in a black lifeproof and laughed so hard at my brother when he dropped his phone on the carpet in the nike case. funny shit

  4. You've been a life saver, thanks so much for doing this video. I'm used to an android and the iphone seems so much less user friendly but I guess I just have to get used to it

  5. Lol ok I'm a little…..I'm a lot late on this video and I love it!!! This helped sooo much….and to all you assholes! If you don't like the video why not go make your own damn video and then see how it feels for ppl like yourselves to treat you the way you treat others…ungrateful piece of shits…..sorry for my little language

  6. This video helped me a lot :D.. and I also love you're accent, you're voice is the same as harry potter :D.. and I wanted to tell you that ignore those persons who says that u have a distracting and annoying voice. 😀 cause isn't true 😀


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