Huel – Top 10 Tips and Tricks


In this video, Super Hueler and Youtuber, Tom Reader gives some tips on how to get the most out of your Huel.

Huel is a nutritionally balanced meal, providing you with a perfect blend of the essential fats, proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients you need when time is short.

Get Huel:

Thanks to our community and forum for helping us develop these hints and tips:

To check out Tom’s Huel balls recipe check it out here:



  1. I’ve never seen more people miss the point of a simple video in my life. I look to the comments for testimonies & half of you are mad he has a man bun & has an accent. No wonder Americans aren’t liked 😂

  2. LOL – I have used Huel at least once a day for over 2 years, great product nutritionally but I doubt many will actually really like the taste whatever flavour is added. Best way I find is few deep breaths, take the cap off then down the whole lot in one go, works just fine for me, takes even less time to eat.

  3. Fantastic product. Love it. The only thing I would emphasize is that it's a completely different product if you prepare it correctly– for instance, using soymilk, adding fruits and honey, blending it properly–as opposed to just adding water and ice and shaking it.

  4. one thing that doesn't add up is the ratio. they say 5:1, which would mean that for every 100 gr of powder, 500 ml of water should be added. however, a scoop holds 38 gr, so 38 x 3 = 114, and 114 gr of powder with 400 ml of water does not equal a 5:1 ratio, but rather a 3.5:1 ratio. edit: even after adding an extra 100 ml of water, the ratio is still only 4.3:1


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