5 Reasons To START Wearing A Watch


I get it…

Watch snobs annoy you.

Always checking the time…

Trying to impress you with their horology lingo…

Even though it does EVERYTHING your phone can do.



A watch is more than just a time-telling device. And it’s a LOT more than a wad of cash wrapped around your wrist.

Today I’m going to give you 5 solid reasons for wearing a watch… Number 2 will blow you away.

Not convinced? Keep reading.


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Even if you already wear a watch, you might find some new insights here. Seriously, DON’T miss reason number 2. It’s backed by science.

vincero-mens-dress-watch-black#1. Men’s Watches Are Meaningful

Your watch, like many heirloom pieces, can have powerful memories attached to it. Maybe it’s a reminder of the first big sale you closed. Perhaps it reminds you of your great-grandfather, the watch’s original owner, and you remember his strength when you wear it.

Why wear a watch? There are as many reasons as there are men. When you wear a watch that means something to you, you’ll understand that men’s watches are more than just timepieces. They’re symbols of legacies. Pieces of living history.



#2. Watches Make You More Punctual

Science has shown that you are less likely to be late when you wear a watch. Yes – this one blew me away. It’s based on a 2015 study in the Brain and Cognitive section at Peer Journal.

They took 90 individuals (both men and women). Some of them were wearing watches and some were not. And they measured their timeliness – their ability to show up at a destination on time. All of them knew where they were going. All of them had cellphones in their pockets that could tell the time. But those that wore watches showed up 3 an average of 3 minutes earlier.

They thought 90 people wasn’t enough for a reliable result – so they repeated the study with almost 600 participants. They found the exact same thing.

What does this tell you? If you want to show up on time – if you want to get away from being late – start wearing a watch. Not sure what kind of watch will look good on you? Start by checking out my watch size guide to make sure it looks right.

Gentlemen, you’re going to be more conscientious and punctual if you start wearing a watch. It’s science.


vincero-bellwether#3. They Prevent Distraction

When you look at your watch, you get the time – and nothing else. (If you’re wearing an aviator watch, you might get an extra time zone or two.) When you look at your phone you get the time, a text message, facebook notifications, a bunch of emails… and half an hour later you’re watching funny cat videos and you’ve completely defeated the purpose of checking the time.

Don’t fall into that trap, gentlemen. Check the time on a timepiece… not a time SINKHOLE.

You can also check your watch without distracting other people. If you want to check the time at a meeting and you have to pull your phone out of your pocket and look at it in front of everyone… now the entire meeting room knows how bored you are. Not a good look in a professional setting, gentlemen. Comes off as quite rude, to say nothing of disrespectful to whoever’s speaking. But with a watch, you can subtly check the the time without signaling that you have better things to do.


Vincero-collective-indigo-watch#4. Men’s Watches Express Your Individual Style

Watches are an additional way for you to stand out from the crowd and express YOUR personal style. They’re an awesome piece of masculine jewelry and they signal power and success pretty much everywhere on the planet. You have so many options when it comes to men’s watches, gentlemen: dress watches, dive watches, pocket watches, smart watches… the list goes on and on

And then within a particular type of watch, there are many options. For instance, you can wear your dress watch with a metal band or with all different colors of leather: dark brown, dark blue… or how about green, one of my favorite colors?

You can change the dial color. You can change the metal. Would you prefer a gold or silver watch – or does rose gold suit your personality? There are all kinds of ways you can express yourself through a watch.


-Vincero-chrono-s-gold-white#5. Men’s Watches Get Compliments

When it comes to compliments – people notice a nice watch. It’s just something we’ve been conditioned to identify. When someone sees you wearing a nice watch, they’ll think to yourselves, ‘Okay, that guy has style. He has class.’ Often they’ll say something, even as simple as ‘That’s a nice watch.’ You’ve been given a compliment. All of a sudden your whole day’s gotten a little bit better.

Watches encourage conversation. If you’re into watches, you’re going to notice other people wearing them – women as well as men – and it becomes a natural conversation starter. ‘That’s a nice watch – what’s the brand? Where did you get it? Can you tell me the story behind it?’

And that’s what’s cool about this. All of a sudden you start having a conversation about watch styles with someone you might otherwise never have talked to. Start conversations by wearing a watch, gents.


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