30 BEST TRAVEL HACKS & TIPS! | ZOEY ARIELLE *EXPAND* Hi Friends! Thank you for watching 🙂 In this video I give you all of my best tips and tricks in regards to booking flights, packing,…



  1. Some great travel wisdom. The best tip I remember from my backpacker days is that toothpaste doubles as a cleaner for silver jewellery (and often removes stains from clothes). I'm a big fan of checking out foreign supermarkets – not just for snacks and water but for people watching and if you are on a budget, you can often find local products to try without paying restaurant prices.

  2. What's some things to bring for a 4 hour flight? I am going away in less then 5 weeks for month i always seems to over pack so i am packing for 2 weeks for month and i can always ending shoping at Kohl's or a Walmart but here my list i usually bring what else is there things i can bring with me?
    Here my list what I usually bring with me
    Adult Color Book
    Wordsearch Book
    Reading Book
    Portable dvd player
    Is there anything else i can add to bring do to

  3. just like the tip about passport and important documents, we can even take a picture of the google map direction and use it on the trip 🙂 I save trip details …one for 'by car' and one for 'by walk'

  4. Great Video Zoey! Some other hacks

    Power banks with spare phone charger cords- can charge go pros, phones, tablets, etc.
    Mini hand sanitizer is always useful to clean your hands
    Mini plastic laundry bag to keep dirty clothes in/sock

    Happy Travels!

  5. A LOT of these tips helped me so much when I went to Portugal and Italy recently! Especially Google Maps offline! ❤️ When I went to Korea I wrote a list of the nearest underground stations to the attractions I wanted to visit and took screenshots on Google Maps. It worked but Google Maps Offline is amazing and even more so if I had Location on – thank you so much!

  6. Depends on the airport for how early you should get there. If you arrive at JFK 2 hours before an international flight you might miss it due to the long TSA lines. In BOM in Mumbai you might miss it because they are so inefficient and the lines snake all around the airport. LHR is also notorious for being very busy because it is an international hub. If you are flying at a small airport then 2 hours should be fine.

  7. Incognito is probably the best tip on here! I have been screwed over so many times searching for flights, cars, hotels, etc. McDonald's and Starbucks locations have always been the best to find Wifi that I have found. Happy I stumbled onto your channel! Planning an extended 3-4 month Europe tour next year and I'll take all the information I can get.

  8. Loved your video. I've been watching a lot of travel hack videos and after a while all of them sort of start to blend together as it's mostly the same information but you had a lot of different/original tips in this one, thanks!

  9. Thanks Zoey for your tips! I'm going to Amsterdam (first time) next week! I always carry plastic spoons with me! This way I can pick up a yoghurt or ice cream snack and be able to indulge whilst I'm out and about exploring 😃

  10. I can't fight it anymore I'm subscribing to your channel 😍 Kim from Free to Frugal sent me here and I love watching your travel videos. Oh another tip is to clean your house before you go in vacation. Nothing like coming of a long flight to fresh bedding and towels and no dishes in the sink!


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